Tom has a very open and relaxing way of approaching his coaching sessions. He first invests time in understanding the current needs, while also being on the lookout for your blind spots and gradually introducing those in the coaching program.
He has been of great help revealing body language ‘misfires’ and revealing a wide span of communication improvements. Not just for public speaking but focused on the actual situations of importance of his coachees.
Being mindful of signals that you are radiating that temper or even contradict your message is a massive value in terms of providing clarity and transparency in communication.
Outside of personalized executive coaching Tom has hosted MBTI / Lencioni workshops with handpicked peers from his personal network do deliver value towards our wider teams.

Given that he works hands-on rather than purely theoretical and really invests personal effort in the relationships instead of managing them from the bigger group perspective I highly recommend Tom given the improvements he has made not just for me but also for our wider management team.