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your body
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Tomasco offers coaching in two distinct formats: at both the team and individual levels.

In individual coaching, Tom collaborates with you on enhancing self-management and self-awareness. He aids in identifying and addressing blocking issues, ensuring that by the end of the process, no thoughts or stressors hinder your progress.

In team coaching, Tom ensures your team operates like a finely-tuned machine. This approach fosters an environment where everyone feels empowered to voice their opinions and desires, mutual trust is established, and each member upholds their sense of responsibility.


Team members speak out clearly to each other.

There is more mutual trust.

Effectiveness of the team is increased.

More recognition and appreciation for team members.

Fewer dropouts.

Increases team members' sense of responsibility.

Improvement in performance.

Team coaching promotes cooperation.

A more decisive, effective and efficient team.


Strengthen your 'self management'.

Getting to know yourself, increasing your 'self-awareness'.

Recognizing what and why you get stuck.

Understanding thoughts that hinder you.

Understanding your impact on yourself and others.

Transform inhibiting thoughts into stimulating ones.

Build resilience and energy.

Deal better with stress and your emotions.

Dare to listen to yourself.

“With Tom’s coaching, you will learn everything you need to understand yourself and your conversation partners. All aspects of non-verbal and verbal communication are covered.”


Ellen Neirynck

Talent Director & People Director, SD Worx

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